Saturday, October 08, 2005

Gateway to Heaven

This is the entrance to the ashram in Whitefield where Sai Ba Ba stays for some months of the year. It is a gateway to peace and contemplation, where anyone - beggar, thief of dignitary sit within the same space and breathe the same air. Where you are not allowed to bring in any cameras and you enter as you are, appropriately dressed in loose clothing and for the ladies, shawls are imperative. People were packed close together and arranged in neat rows to await the arrival of Sai Ba Ba and when he came, everyone tried to move closer in the direction that he was coming from. In my first experience of Sai Ba Ba's arrival to the singing of the "Om" hymn as I shall call it for lack of knowledge, I could feel electrical charges tingling and dancing at my finer tips as I held the palms of my hands facing out to feel the energy of Sai Ba Ba. In every darshan that I had attended with my friends, Sai Ba Ba spent at least an hour with us, listening to the singing and watching with us, the performances of the students from the school he set up. I remember that some students demonstrated how a series of yoga moves called "Salute to the Sun" were carried out. I remember thinking that those are exactly the moves that we need to do everyday if possible at sunrise everyday so that we can relax the muscles of our bodies that have hardened over years of crouching at the keyboard at work. In the evening, on the balcony of our guest house and looking across to the roof tops of other houses, I could see a group doing these yoga moves facing the sunset. What a connection with nature and the creator of the earth and all that goes with it. Sadly, we only connect with our PCs after sunrise and our TVs at sunset. I woud like to learn this set of yoga moves someday.


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